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Dollar to Naira Black Market Rate tries to update its database every week.

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USD₦ 149010/02/2024 aren’t going to guarantee any prices as these are subject to daily or weekly changes.

Some buy rates extracted from the user comments on this page:

USD₦ 147010/02/2024

Dollar to Naira today the open market exchange rate today has an average of ₦1,490.00 on February 10- 2024 in our currency black market or aboki market.

This rate is in line with the most recent 1 dollar  sell rate we have endeavor to gather.

For some days now 02/02/2024 and 10/02/2024Dollar to Naira black market currency have been hovering between these values of ₦1440 and ₦1490 reaching a median of about  of ₦1,458.57.

You can check todays rate also ans also the past 7 days average as thishas moved  31.43 points increase from ₦1,458.57 to ₦1,490.00 which corresponds to a 2.15% rise. bras