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Obortunity offers the highest standard of Chinese language programs to a range of audience, giving them an edge to communicate with the Chinese and position them, with the coming of CPEC, at a place to avoid any language barrier. Our course design ensures that our students are able to understand and speak basic Chinese Language, and also get familiar with the business ethics and Chinese culture. It is of utmost importance for responsible individuals, to be able to understand the culture and business ethics of foreign Chinese investors with the rise of CPEC.

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Mandarin (Chinese) Labs

With the rise of China and advent of CPEC, it has become imperative to bridge cultural and communication barriers on various fronts. Hence, Obortunity strives to bridge knowledge gaps by offerings state-of-the-art Mandarin (Chinese) language programs to a range of audience providing them with an edge to swiftly communicate with the Chinese community. 

Obortunity has developed specialised, engaging and interactive Mandarin courses for professionals, university students, teenagers and kids to engage them in cross-cultural integration to address the needs of Pakistan-China relations.


With OBOR connecting 65 countries across Asia, Middle East, Africa & Europe, China is set to become the world’s largest economy by 2030

Increased demand for individuals who can bridge the communication gap between China & the wider world


$62 bn Investment under CPEC & increased presence of Chinese companies across Pakistan


Mr. Ma Zhili

A graduate in Islamic Studies, specialized in comparative religion, with ample experience in teaching languages including English, Arabic and Chinese. He is also a diploma in Urdu Language making him a perfect fit for Chinese instructor to an Urdu-English audience.

Ms. Shengyi Wang

A Masters Degree in International Relations from Hult Business School (Ranked 55th in the world by the Economist, and a B.A degree from both Xi’an International Studies University–one of China’s first class University, and Humboldt State University–World’s top 150 Business school.

Partner China Affairs

Mr. Niu Zhong Li

Mr. Niu is the Executive Director of China’s largest state-owned security firm in Pakistan; the DWG Group. He has spent 8 years developing & refining his teaching methods to formulate strategies that out-perform others. As an instructor, he is patient & flexible, yet assertive and encouraging & will pace his lessons on your performance.

Chief Product Officer- Mandarin Labs

Fatima Wan

A graduate of University of Alberta, Fatima Wan has significant experience teaching Mandarin to English speaking students in Canada. She has also received an introductory award in Chinese Training Skills from the City & Guilds of London Institute. Her high fluency in English (7 Bands in IELTS) makes her an effective English-Chinese instructor.









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