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With over 275,000 followers on different social media platforms, CPEC Interact is a digital information portal to bridge knowledge gaps arising from the development of CPEC, and Belt and Road Initiative. Our platform serves as a one-window information hub on CPEC for researchers, SMEs, governments, and corporate sector.

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OBOR News Blog

An up-to-date news feed featuring information from reliable sources, the OBOR News Blog is a one-stop portal to stay tuned to the current happenings in Pakistan and beyond. We feature articles and news from reliable sources and authors giving out the most accurate data to our massive user base. From current affairs to global news to information about CPEC and BRI, the OBOR News blog is a complete comprehensive blog featuring the latest on date information of Pakistan in the current global affairs. Infographics and videos are also featured on the blog to allow first timer users to gain an idea of this mega project.

Business Discussion Forum

Obortunity provides a platform for aspiring businessman and stakeholders to come together under one hub and share ideas and business tactics. This business discussion forum is also an ideal stepping-stone for young, aspiring entrepreneurs seeking guidance and inspiration for their start-up and businesses. This forum brings together an array of individuals from  business professional to students, entrepreneurs and think tanks engaging them in discussions on trending topics. We also conduct in-house information sessions where we attract individuals to come and gain an insight into the current happenings. Obortunity is also part of a bigger group of researchers and academia under the China Study Circle, which conduct tours to China to experience the potential businesses and investment opportunities.

Social Media

Covering all platforms of social media, Obortunity is avidly active through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter engaging with our 257,000+ follower base. Obortunity engages its followers with interactive information sessions providing facts and figures regarding CPEC, BRI updates and everything relating to Pakistan-China friendship.