Chinese Language and Cultural Scholarship


Obortunity Consulting, in collaboration with Oriental Wisdom, offers Chinese language and Cultural training scholarships at Hunan Chemical Vocational Technology College, one of the leading Vocational training institute in China, according to the statistics from the Guiding Committee of Chemical Industry of the Ministry of Education, Government of China. The scholarship is a part of special subsidy granted to Pakistan by the Chinese government in an effort to instill future skills in the youth of Pakistan. You will get a chance to immerse yourself in the Chinese culture and get insights into the biggest economy of the world!

Chinese is becoming a rapidly growing language across the world as China rises to become the leading economy in the world by 2023. The initiation of the Belt and Road Initiative has further enhanced the importance of the Chinese language around the globe as China seeks to implement BRI in 68 countries through an investment of almost US$2 Trillion. According to a leading American newspaper, The Business Insider, the global elite and billionaires are rushing towards teaching the Chinese language to their kids. The CEO of Facebook- Mark Zuckerberg; American President- Donald Trump’s grandchildren, and the children of world’s richest man – Jeff Bezos, all have one thing in common: The Chinese language. Even the United Nations included the Chinese language as one of the six global languages.

Today, as we speak, the global corporate world, INGOs and the financial institution actively seek candidates who can speak the Chinese language coupled with English. For Pakistan, the US$62 Billion investments under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has changed the economic fiber of the country through resolving energy crisis, providing improved infrastructure and revitalizing industrial sector. Banks, construction companies, consulting organizations, and non-profit institutions; almost every organization has started to recognize the Chinese language as the skill of the future.

Therefore, not only does this scholarship provides you with a certification from the central government on the Chinese Language, but also enables the candidates to experience the 5000 years old Chinese culture through immersive learning modules.

Kindly note that all courses offered will have accreditation by the Chinese central government and language certificates will be issued upon completion.


1. 3-Months Program
2. 6-Months Program
3. 1-year Program

About Obortunity

Obortunity, deriving its name from One Belt, One Road (OBOR) and “Opportunity”, is a China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) lifestyle and consulting company focusing on the localization of new Chinese foreign policy; the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) About Obortunity

About Oriental Wisdom

Oriental Wisdom (short for OW) is the Cross-border Education Brand which belongs to Suzhou St. Xianglin Management & Consultant Co., Ltd., People’s Republic of China. The main operations of OW are offering global students best Chinese language education and advanced vocational education. OW under the CPEC LTP has launched a talents programs seeking out individuals to aid student exchange between Pakistan and China.

Hunan Chemical Vocational Technology College

Hunan Chemical Vocational Technology College is a state-run public full-time ordinary university directly affiliated to the Hunan Provincial People’s Government and the Ministry of Education. It is an outstanding evaluation unit for the talent training work of the Ministry of Education, and an excellent demonstration vocational college in Hunan Province About Hunan College

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Candidates must be above 18 years of age
2. Candidates must at least have matriculation and intermediate certification
3. Candidates must be Pakistani citizens
4. Candidates must have a valid CNIC and Passport (till at least next 6 months)
5. Candidates must be able to sponsor their traveling arrangements and living expenses in China

Applying Procedure:

1. Click on Apply Now
2. Fill in the Signup Form
3. Attach all the required documents.
4. Submit the form (Your application and registration will not be processed unless the picture of the paid voucher is attached with the application)
5. Only shortlisted candidates will be called for the interview
6. Finalized candidates will be notified

Please note that the applications shall be processed on first-come-first-serve-basis. An email shall be dispatched to you upon successful submission of the application. Our scholarship team will get in touch within 48 hours after the submission. Please call the website numbers in our Contact Us in case of any queries.

CertificateLanguage Certificate
Commencement of Classes
30th November, 2018 (1st Batch)
Application Deadline
30th October, 2018
Admission Fee3 Months Program: PKR 27,500/student
6 Months Program: PKR 37,500/student
1 Year Program: PKR 56,250/student
Visa Consultancy Fee (Optional)
PKR 15,000/student
Tuition Fee + Accommodation + Course materialFree
Hunan Chemical Vocational Technology College