International CPEC Workshop – ICPECW


Obortunity’s and National Defense University’s landmark initiative, International CPEC Workshop – ICPECW is a learning, networking and policy advocacy platform spanning across Islamabad, Beijing and Gwadar to understand BRI and CPEC, and build capacity to complement policy making for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and consequently enhance Pakistan’s economic potential.
Based on the philosophy of assembling the best brains at key venues, ICPECW aims to shape the future of CPEC through creating a well-balanced community of thinkers, innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders from diverse segments of society to collectively provide policy inputs to key stakeholders focused on the development of CPEC. The objective is to build effective learning, networking and policy advocacy platform to address the communication gap among stakeholders and influence policymaking on CPEC in Pakistan and China to drive positive change.
Spanning across Islamabad, Beijing and Gwadar, ICPECW is a 2.5 weeks activity from 17th April to 3rd May 2019, comprising of study modules from international experts, networking dinners, seminars and visiting/meeting leaders of state institutions in Pakistan and China, including the Planning Ministry, Military Institutions, Board of Investment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chinese Embassy, Chinese SOEs and Chinese Business Associations to gather first-hand policy information, meet relevant leaders and drive critical discourse on policy-making in business, technology, foreign policy, national security and trade.


The multi-trillion dollars “Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)” is the largest transcontinental project ever conceived in modern human history. Fortunately, the “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor” has been termed as the flagship project of the BRI. Therefore, an important question that Obortunity and NDU have been trying to address is “What would it take to ensure the best possible outcome from CPEC?”
To find the solution, both institutions studied transformative public-private partnerships around the globe and designed the first-of-its-kind problem-solving platform, “International CPEC Workshop”. Based on the philosophy of assembling the best brains at key venues, ICPECW aims to shape the future of CPEC through engaging leaders in the government, business, academia, media, youth and civil society to embark on a journey of positive change and push Pakistan’s economic growth into double digits.


  • To study and understand the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and its implications on the changing global, regional and national dynamics.
  • To understand role of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in the BRI and emerging opportunities in the field of diplomacy, culture, business, and trade for Pakistan.
  • To comprehend the scale of new avenues emerging from the initiation of the  2nd phase of CPEC, termed as “Industrial Cooperation” and understand the participation of private and state actors in the development of Special Economic Zones.
  • To analyze CPEC investment frameworks, Chinese governance, business culture, decision-making under BRI and CPEC, and Chinese financing structures.
  • To meet and engage with leaders in key institutions involved in the development of  CPEC and understand the long-term impact of CPEC such as the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms; Board of Investment; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR),  Ministry of Commerce, Chinese Embassy, Chinese SOEs and other state institutions.
  • Interact with the high-level national, political and military leadership of Pakistan.
  • Interaction with leaders from the Chinese government, state-owned enterprises, think tanks and business community in Islamabad and Beijing to understand the Chinese perspective on BRI and its flagship project, CPEC.
  • Attend networking dinners in Islamabad, Gwadar and Beijing to shape future policymaking and drive positive change in CPEC.
  • To zero-in onto the key challenges facing CPEC in Pakistan and China, and consult and deliberate with key stakeholders to evolve solutions.
  • To gain an understanding of how CPEC can progress comprehensively in the short and medium term, and formulate strategies to achieve this progress.
  • To raise the profile of CPEC and BRI nationally, regionally and globally, and to enable the development of a narrative that champions CPEC.
  • To mainstream CPEC so that all stakeholders raise their level of communication, improve information dissemination. The workshop serves as a vehicle to greatly enhance the success of CPEC.

Who May Apply?

Applicants having interest and knowledge in CPEC, BRI, strategic studies, foreign policy, business, national security and international development.

  • Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, C-level executives
  • Senior Government officials from Provincial, Federal and Armed Forces
  • Politicians, Youth Activists, Academics, Media Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Application Process

Application Form: Fill in all the information asked for in the Application Form, a link to which is provided below.

Workshop Fee: Pay the Workshop Fee through a Bank Draft prepared in the name of KC&PP, ISSRA. The Workshop Fee needs to be in PKR along with the other requirements mentioned in the Application Form and submitted before 15th March 2019.

Workshop Fee/Dollar Rate: The amount of the draft should be the PKR equivalent of USD 3000, according to the Open Market Forex rate at the start of the date on which the draft is made.

Kindly scan the Bank Draft along with the application form and email it to and

Courier Materials: Please courier the completed Application Form and the original Bank Draft, before 8th March 2019, to the address: Director IS, ISSRA, National Defence University (NDU), Sector E-9, Islamabad. Telephone Number: 051- 9260651-2 Ext. 7106

Reimbursement Policy: The submitted fee shall be reimbursed to the candidate/institution in case the candidate is not selected due to the inability to obtain a security clearance, qualify through evaluation process or any other reason.


Head of Operations, OBORTUNITYContact # 051- 8358038; Mobile # 0333-9628605; Email:
Director IS, ISSRA NDUContact # 051- 9260651-2; Ext. 7106; Email:

Workshop Fee

  • ICPECW Fee is USD 3,000/-

Expense Coverage

  • Return Airfare Islamabad-Beijing-Islamabad; Travel, meals and lodging within Beijing for 5 days (Chinese Visa will be issued to the participants of ICPECW).
  • Air travel Islamabad-Gwadar-Islamabad, meals and lodging in Gwadar. (Subject to weather conditions and availability of aircraft)
  • Travel to state institutions from NDU, lunches during the meetings/visits and lunches during the workshop.
  • Networking dinners in Islamabad, Gwadar (subject to weather conditions and availability of the aircraft) and Beijing.
  • Please note that lodging in Islamabad will not be covered in the workshop fee.

Note: Expression of Interest from the participants is subject to evaluation and approval from organizers and state institutions. Obortunity and NDU reserve the rights of final selection. Places are limited and will be booked on a first-come-first-served basis.