Institutional Framework Of CPEC

Institutional Framework Of CPEC

The Institutional Framework Of CPEC

The institutional framework of China Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC is bascially a decision making framework which consists of Joint Commission Committee (JCC).  All the major decisions related to CPEC are finalised in this meeting with the mutual collaboration of Pakistan and China. Joint Committee Commiission (JCC) is further divided into five-level hierarchy which are Economic zone, Gwadar, Planning , Energy, transport.

Joint Cooperation Committee

The 7th meeting of Joint Cooperation Committee (JCC)  of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) approved six documents including the long term plan (LTP) 2017-2030. CPEC entered into the first phase of its completion and 7th JCC was of historical significance to finalise the long-term plan of projects. CPEC’s first phase involved removing energy and infrastructure bottlenecks in Pakistan to make them enablers of economic growth and hence $35 billion out of $46bn portfolio went to the energy sector, resulting in $27bn worth of projects now in implementation stage.

Gwadar – Joint Working Group(JWG)

The Gwadar Group discussed key projects including Electricity Project, Water Supply, New Gwadar International Airport, readiness status of Gwadar Port & Free Zone, Gwadar Expansion of Multipurpose Terminal including Breakwater and Dredging Project. It also discussed social sector projects including Gwadar Hospital and China Pakistan Vocational Training Institute and other projects. Minutes of the 7th JCC were also approved by both sides, as well as those from the meeting of the Joint Working Groups on Gwadar, Energy and Industrial Parks. Implementation minutes on New Gwadar International Airport were also finalised.

Economic Zones – Joint Working Group (JWG)

The long term plan LTP framework would help Pakistan to promote industries by making investment in the country through special economic zones. Three prioritised Special Economic Zones of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) are set to take off, as Beijing has agreed to cooperate in the development of Faisalabad, Hattar and Dhabeji industrial areas.

China conveyed its willingness to promote these zones during the second meeting of the Joint Working Group (JWG) on Industrial Cooperation, announced the Board of Investment on Friday. The meeting was co-chaired by Li Xuedong, Deputy Director General of Department of International Cooperation, NDRC and Azher Ali Choudhry, the BOI secretary.

Energy – Joint Working Group(JWG)

CPEC has allocated a major proportion of its funds to energy generation and transmission to overcome the growing energy needs of Pakistan.

The projects stated below are included in CPEC and would contribute towards the sustainable growth of industries and unhindered electric supply for domestic consumption in Pakistan. Minutes from Joint Working Groups (JWG) on energy, industrial parks and Gwadar also got approved from both Pakistan and China. And among the implementation minutes for New Gwadar International Airport were also finalized.

Transport – Joint Working Group(JWG)

The second meeting of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Joint Working Group on Transport Infrastructure was held in Beijing during August 20-21 and concluded its deliberations on Thursday.

JCC will undertake work on financial arrangement and commercial contract for ML-I Pakistan Railways project, which will see setting up of a high-speed rail link between Peshawar and Karachi. ML-I is the single highest project in CPEC. The Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) being granted approval by the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) joint working group is a great victory for the people of the city,
Pakistan delegation was headed by Secretary Ministry of Communications Babar Yaqoob and the Chinese delegation was led by Director General Department of International Cooperation Ministry of Transport, Yang Zan. Both deliberated upon various projects of CPEC transport infrastructure and achieved substantial progress ahead of the forthcoming meeting of Joint Coordination Committee to take place towards the end of the month.
The CPEC transport planning, roadmap of future work and port related matters also came under discussion.

Planning – Joint Working Group(JWG)

Quetta Mass Transit:

  • JCC agreed in principle for inclusion of Rail Based Mass Transit Systems in Provincial headquarters as part of CPEC.
  • JWG on Transport Infrastructure has been asked to complete the necessary formalities.
  • Feasibility of  Quetta Mass Transit is under process.