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  • about the company and opportunities

About the Company

Exciting times ahead when it comes to “One Belt, One Road” initiative. We are a group of people specializing in creating value for companies and general masses to benefit from the massive developments and opportunities. We believe in sharing and the time is now.

Because we create opportunities out of thin air

about the company and opportunities

Born from the idea of developing a platform that would bridge the gaps between knowledge, opportunities, and people in the Asian century, Obortunity consulting is an ambitious professional services and technology company, focusing on the emerging prospects from the development of OBOR and CPEC.

Operating from three offices across Pakistan, our dynamic team is serving a clientele, progressive, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

We believe in the idea of connectivity and shared destiny. What we create is an impact beyond boundaries, delivering extraordinary experiences to everyone we touch.

As China and Pakistan proceed with deeper cooperation, Obortunity’s aim is about to become an efficient physical and digital platform for people-to-people, business-to-business and government-to-government cooperation. We are the modern managers of time, addressing critical bottlenecks for the stakeholders involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.

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Erasing barriers between people and opportunities – to advance beyond boundaries where opportunities connect.


  1. Launch scalable cultural integration and education initiatives to equipment our audience for globalized Asia
  2. Establish the principle collaboration platform, enabling everyone to interact with prospects arising from CPEC.
  3. Lead the change through research, digital innovation and consulting on the ‘Belt and Road’ project.