China Telecom Gears up to Develop Blockchain-Enabled 5G SIM Cards

China Telecom has divulged strategies to develop blockchain-enabled 5G ready SIM cards, reveals a Chinese website Sina News.

The leading China Telecom’s research arm issued the white paper mentioning vital plans on the sidelines of China International Smart Industry Fair recently. The paper highlights important details of a SIM card that will extend support for ERC20 tokens and Ethereum. It will have compatibility with almost all kinds of smartphones. The paper further details crucial plans to change a smartphone into a decentralized node. The move seeks to establish a highly secure network whenever a buyer purchases a device.

Meanwhile, the news has brought huge cheer for those seeking to purchase and sell cryptoon their devices. China telecom has its eyes set for a bigger prize that is 5G.

In the coming 10 years, China and leading Chinese companies have plans to invest a whopping $411 billion in 5G, as per the information provided by China Academy of Information and Communication Technology.

The 5G period is expected to bring overflow of data as scores of IoT enabled and other devices take benefits of new bandwidth. It may also cause privacy and security concerns as well. Because amid huge flow of data there will be rise in opportunities for prying eyes. However, China follows a tough policy towards crypto, its state telecom provider is speculating very big on the prospective of the tech to boost privacy and security in the 5G age. According to the paper, blockchain has emerged as the only technology which will allow users to protect their fragile data in the yet to arrive 5G period irrespective of the variety of data’s flow and variety of dimension.

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The whitepaper also highlighted a few applications that the blockchain-enabled smartphone may have. According to the whitepaper, the blockchain application ecosystem aims to solve big issues in operation various mobile networks that may include harassment, data loss, crime related identity theft, fraud etc. China Telecom’s initiative to use blockchain will help in creating blacklists linked with reliable IMEIs and encrypt it via blockchain. The moment a mobile device gets blacklisted, the leading carriers, smartphone suppliers and final users can instantly recognize and disable stolen devices through the technology.

The white paper also slammed the low quality technical performance of current blockchain smartphones including Samsung’s Galaxy S10, and HTC’s Exodus One. The paper also accused Samsung and co of playing to the crypto markets by preferring the incorporation of specific blockchains instead of accomplishing a high technical standard.

China Telecom is of the opinion that it can perform better. However, many have cast doubts whether the telecom giant’s dream of privacy enhanced phones will see the light of the day in a nation where privacy is policed.

Source: CryptoNewsZ

Dated on: 2/9/2019

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