Obortunity and National Defence University (NDU) join hands to present the first International CPEC Workshop (ICPECW), spanning Beijing, Islamabad and Gwadar

International CPEC Workship - ICPECW

Islamabad: With the upcoming completion of Phase 1 of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) by end 2019, Phase 2 “Industrial Cooperation” is picking up speed. It is powered by rapidly developing public and private Special Economic Zones (SEZs), industrial relocation from China, attracting FDI into Pakistan, and growing opportunities for trade through new products and markets.

Obortunity, Pakistan’s premier CPEC-focused firm, and National Defence University (NDU) are organizing an International CPEC Workshop (ICPECW), a 2.5 weeks international learning and networking platform on CPEC, spanning Beijing, Islamabad and Gwadar. ICPECW will be held in Beijing, Islamabad and Gwadar from 17th April – 3rd May 2019.

ICPECW will bring participants up-to-speed on the key areas and challenges of CPEC and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), to the point where they can conceive and implement solutions. Participants will build a network of key public and private sector individuals, in China and Pakistan. They will see for themselves where CPEC stands and where it is headed. And they will be able to rapidly formulate and implement their own strategy of benefiting from CPEC, a unique economic opportunity for Pakistan and the region.

To ensure the success of Phase 2 of CPEC, intense involvement of the private sector is required, and ICPECW promises to herald this new era. Government to government collaboration conceived CPEC, and with the private sector as a partner, built the foundations focusing on transport infrastructure, Gwadar Port and electricity generation. Now, “industrial cooperation” depends on the successful development and population of Special Economic Zones (SEZs), significant industrial relocation from China and accelerated industrialization.

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In addition, the PTI government wishes to include technologically empowered and corporate agriculture; the social sector and media and telecommunications in CPEC. For these transformations to succeed, a leading role for the private sector, academia and civil society is needed. ICPECW provides an opportunity to facilitate this change of focus, besides serving as a timely crash-course on CPEC for those players who had earlier stood on the sidelines, and now wish to get significantly involved.

The organizers of ICPECW would like it to be a landmark recurring annual event which the CPEC community looks forward to. The diverse scope, extensive networking opportunities and rigorous brainstorming planned indicate that an established branded CPEC event is in the making.

More Information:

ICPECW is a joint initiative by Obortunity, Pakistan’s premier CPEC-focused firm, and National Defence University, an apex institute on national security, international relations and defence. For more information, please email us at icpecw@obortunity.org or cpecw@ndu.edu.pk; or call  Mr Maaz Qureshi, Director Operations, Obortunity Consulting +923339628605.

Important Links:

ICPECW Complete Information: https://obortunity.org/cpec-events/icpecw/

ICPECW Informational Flyer: https://ndu.edu.pk/temp/issra/ICPECW/cpec.jpg

ICPECW Application Form: https://ndu.edu.pk/temp/issra/ICPECW/ICPECW-Application-Form.pdf

ICPECW Scope Document: https://ndu.edu.pk/temp/issra/ICPECW/ICPECW-scope.pdf

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  1. Akhtar Abbbas
    Akhtar Abbbas says:

    This whole cooperation can only be fruitful if field of communication is also considered seriously. This linguistic aspect encompassing role of Mandarin, Urdu, English and other local languages needs to be considered on scientific bases. I would be honoured if I am given some role in this regard. Being linguistic I can suggest some viable solutions to upcoming communication issues at level of all tiers of interaction.
    Dr Akhtar Abbas
    PhD English, Air University
    Manager Corpus Research Centre
    Editor Corporum: Journal of Corpus Linguistucs
    Coordinator Englisg Access Program US Embassy Islamabad
    Manager English Works US Embassy Islamabad
    Co-PI Pakistan National Corpus of English


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