5 years of Belt and Road initiative: Chinese vision for shared destiny

Source: Daily Times

Date: 14 th December 2018

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani youth needs to get the required knowledge and skills to be able to part of the emerging new vision of economic and political transformation of the growing world.

China and its phenomenon growth and peaceful rise provide ample example that with consistent efforts and hard work, achieving prosperity is not a distant dream but can be a reality. These were the consensus amongst the scholars speaking during the seminar on “Five years of Belt and Road Initiative: Chinese Vision of Shared Destiny” organized by Centre for Belt and Road and CPEC Studies-Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies.

Farhat Asif, Founder President, Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies, speaking on the occasion the occasion said that Chinese model of shared destiny is rare and has all the essence to bring peace and prosperity in the region.

Dr. Muhammad Munir, Assistant Professor in National defense University said that BRI is open for states to join its project. Pakistan is main stakeholder in BRI which is dependent on the success of CPEC. Chinese concept is that investing on individual will prosper whole region. BRI will also benefit the common people. CPEC has made the trade most cost effective with its characteristic of trickledown effect.

While talking about Belt and Road Initiative Dr. Muhammad Khan, Head of Department in International Relations in International Islamic University said that Belt and Road has provided China access to market, Global economy and reach over Africa, Europe (the investment hub). BRI is Win-Win situation and states are finding benefit from this project. He was of the view that west instead of opposing and propagating should also get the benefit.

Ambassador ® Javed Hassan, Director, Chinese Studies Centre, National University of Science and Technology, while speaking on the Occasion highlighted at length about the wisdom and vision behind the BRI and how the Chinese nation has transformed them through hard worked. He has also discussed both Pakistan’s and Chinese perspective. He said that one may like it or not China has come a long way and this is a great moment of celebration that BRI has come so long way in just 5 years under all pressures and propaganda. China has achieved what took Europe 400 years. He has advised the Pakistani youth that they must learn the new emerging knowledge to foster forward the interest of Pakistan in the global world.

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