Dollar to Naira Black Market Rate

one dollar to naira today black market

These aren’t going to guarantee any prices as these are subject to daily or weekly changes.


Some buy rates extracted from the user comments on this page:

Dollar to Naira today the open market exchange rate today has an average in our currency black market or aboki market.

This rate is in line with the most recent 1 dollar  sell rate we have endeavor to gather.

Most money exchangers want to make money by all means. use


What is a currency exchange Provider?

A currency exchange provider will help you in the exchange of currencies. Such currencies include the Dollar to naira, the NGN to USD and the EURO and Pounds to NGN. Having USDT and Trying to convert it to naira means that you need a BDC or what we call bureau de change to do it for you as the banks may not be readily available. A provider can be an individual or entity. On Obortunity, we only list trusted entities for you to choose from, not individual traders.

What are currency or crypto  Buy Prices?

This is the rate of the amount you can pay to get a given currency. This is how much in naira you need to bring to get a Dollar, EURO , POUNDS , YEN or any other amount. You can also exchange your naira for USDT. The exchange provider will give you USDT for the naira you have.

What does a sell price really mean?

This is your conversion rate. You can convert naira to dollar or vice versa at a rate known as the sell price. This will also determine the number of naira you are will get for every 1 dollar you give. Giving your dollars at a sell price will enable the bureau de change in Nigeria give you the equivalent naira into your bank account

Why is the buy price usually higher than the sell price?

Exchange providers make money from the difference between the buying and selling prices of the dollar. This is commonly known as arbitrage or trading profit—buying low and selling high. If you have USDT but need naira, they buy the USDT from you at a lower naira price and sell it at a higher naira price to someone else who needs USDT.

On this website, we simplify and help you track good exchange rates for dollar and other international currencies by given you a platform with real rates tracking.