Mandarin For Business

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Mandarin (Chinese) For Business

Program Overview

Professional Network:

Bringing out the best of China and Pakistan, and aspiring to build the largest professional network catering CPEC and OBOR.

Cultural and Business Integration:

Introducing Business ethics and Chinese culture to enhance collaboration between Pakistan and China.

Empowered by Technology and Innovation:

Enhancing technology and driven by innovation, we aspire to revolutionize the learning and teaching process.

Beyond Physical Presence:

Our Learning Management System; especially designed to provide resources to the customer’s doorstep.

Experiential Learning:

An interactive class structure, cultural activities and tech-enforced class participation methods supplement and strengthen the learning outcomes.

Why Mandarin?

With OBOR connecting 65 countries across Asia, Middle East, Africa & Europe, China is set to become the world’s largest economy by 2030

Increased demand for individuals who can bridge the communication gap between China & the wider world

$62 bn Investment under CPEC & increased presence of Chinese companies across Pakistan

Spoken by over 1 billion people, multinationals across the globe are searching for employees proficient in Mandarin

Course Details


The specific way that Chinese conduct business is essential to learn for any individual trying to penetrate the Chinese market. Our students are even given classes on how to survive a Chinese business dinner.


You will join a strong network of likeminded professionals from a diverse range of fields; we have lawyers, chartered accountants, telecom IT professionals & businessmen exploring emerging opportunities together.


There will also be a series of lectures to shed light on the development & investment frameworks of One Belt, One Road & CPEC. Students will be encouraged to brainstorm potential business ideas in these domains.


Within 3 months, you will be able to acquire basic level of fluency as our course places emphasis on speaking & listening, as opposed to reading & writing. This focus ensures accelerated learning.


Shengyi Wang

Shengyi Wang

Instructor Islamabad

A Masters Degree in International Relations from Hult Business School (Ranked 55th in the world by the Economist, and a B.A degree from both Xi’an International Studies University–one of China’s first class University, and Humboldt State University–World’s top 150 Business school.

Shengyi’s passion toward international relations and business has motivated her to get involved in “One Belt, One Road” and CPEC.

She has an experience of teaching at Humboldt State University for two years and Hult Business School for 1 year which makes her a suitable instructor for Obortunity’s introductory course “Mandarin for Business”.

Mr. Niu is the Executive Director of China’s largest state owned security firm in Pakistan; the DWG Group. He has spent 8 years developing & refining his teaching methods to formulate strategies that out-perform others. As an instructor, he is patient & flexible, yet assertive and encouraging & will pace his lessons on your performance.

Niu Zong Lei

Niu Zong Lei

Instructor Islamabad
Fatima Wan

Fatima Wan

Instructor Lahore

A graduate of University of Alberta, Fatima Wan has significant experience teaching Mandarin to English speaking students in Canada. She has also received an introductory award in Chinese Training Skills from the City & Guilds of London Institute. Her high fluency in English (7 Bands in IELTS) makes her an effective English-Chinese instructor.

With over a decade of experience in Chinese language training in both China and Pakistan, Mr. Lampson Li is a teacher who has polished his teaching methods to perfection. He also has a dynamic professional background, and is currently involved in a range of projects in Punjab and CPEC, which allows him to integrate language training with business know how.

Mr. Lampson Li

Mr. Lampson Li

Instructor Lahore








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